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Download the Best Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Templates for Your Next Project

We found a lot of unreliability when reviewing the quote-unquote the best free Bootstrap 5 templates. Thus, we took things into our hands to create a collection of the most powerful options for you.

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SaaSpal, as the name implies, is a remarkable free Bootstrap 5 template for anything software, SaaS and another web application-related. The modern and creative design takes things to the next level right from the get-go.

Space is a massive free Bootstrap 5 template that allows you to create multiple pages. You can employ it for agencies, small businesses, startups, even a freelancer will enjoy using it for his/her professional website.

These simple yet powerful admin templates are well suited for web apps or any other website or project that requires the admin dashboard. These templates will be a solid foundation for your upcoming project and save you time.

ArchitectUI HTML is a versatile and multi-purpose Bootstrap admin dashboard template with a horde of components, elements, and widgets. Besides, ArchitectUI HTML also offers to choose from ten different dashboards. Right away, you will discover the best layout for your purpose. However, the process of establishing an admin does not end here. You can customize ArchitectUI HTML to your requests and make it your own.

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ArchitectUI is a Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template with a broad specter of options and possibilities. It is a stunning, clean, and professional Angular 12 tool with complete flexibility and extendability. If you are starting an afresh online project or application, ArchitectUI is the one tool you should not miss on your list. It will help you create the most killer admin panel, taking your idea to new success.

Kero is a striking two-in-one Bootstrap admin dashboard template. It comes with a horizontal and vertical layout. Moreover, each style has nine different looks accompanied by nine color schemes. You already have many options to mix, match, and craft the must-have admin with out-of-the-box material. Also, it does not matter what your application is all about, Kero easily caters to all your ideas and projects. Like that would not be enough, every Kero user also gains access to a friendly team of experts who will gladly assist you.

Anything cryptocurrency-related, here is a versatile and highly adaptive admin dashboard template that covers everything necessary. Cryptocurrency Dashboard is a pack of goodies for building dashboards for ICO, Bitcoin, CRM, analytics, corporate websites, etc.

You can track your financing data and stats with Finance SaaS Dashboard. This dedicated admin dashboard template is here to help you kick-start your project in the snap of a finger. With different dashboard styles, internal pages, and hundreds of components, Finance SaaS Dashboard delivers all the must-haves and many more.

Directory Dashboard is a great solution to realize your dream admin when working on a directory platform, even listings. From all sorts of statistics and user profiles to activities and other types of monitoring, Directory Dashboard is a great alternative to make it happen. In this collection of the best admin dashboard templates, you will find all sorts of varieties for different applications and projects.

With the clean admin panel, you will create using Hospital HTML Dashboard, you will track performance distraction-free. Hospitals and other medical institutions can greatly profit from this top-notch alternative that guarantees complete organization. Tons of components and the latest technologies quickly establish a comprehensive dashboard.

Adminator is the best free Bootstrap admin template that you can get your hands on today. It would be a massive understatement if we said it is a game-changer because it is playing a new game independently. Period. Based on Bootstrap 5 packs the latest tools to improve web development like nothing you have ever seen released for free. Once you see Adminator in action, you will find it more premium-like than free. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

You can fully sort out your application or software with an easy-to-use admin dashboard thanks to ArchitectUI VueJS. This convenient and up-to-the-minute template is all one needs when starting something fresh. No need to build things from complete scratch anymore, let the tools do the work for you. After all, you are already busy with the main objective, and there is no need to keep yourself involved in creating the admin panel.

Well, ArchitectUI Angular 12 sure is not your everyday tool. It often does not have a free admin template based on Angular, especially Angular 12. However, you can use the free version for as long as possible. Besides, if you need even more flexibility and extendability, do not hesitate and upgrade to PRO. In the bundle of goodness, you will find all the necessities and more for a 100% active Angular dashboard.

ArchitectUI React is sophisticated and easy to use the Bootstrap admin dashboard template that you can use free of charge. Indeed, ArchitectUI React is stunning, beautifully showcasing all the information and details. Regardless of the device and browsing platform you use, ArchitectUI React acclimatizes smoothly. That said, you can expect a steady and stable performance of your admin dashboard panel all the time.

ArchitectUI HTML is an excellent free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with a light structure and handy features. Consider that ArchitectUI HTML, after all, is a free tool and comes with limiting options. However, you can always upgrade to premium if you want more from the tool. On the other hand, if the free version meets your expectations, by all means, use it for as long as you want.

Admindek is a stunning, refined, excellent performance, and cutting-edge free Bootstrap admin dashboard template. You can use this exclusive tool for all sorts of online projects you are working on. Admindek offers to mix and match all elements and components to suit you precisely. Out of the box, Admindek rocks three different styles; default, CRM and analytics. You might already find the ideal combination with these three home styles alone.

Moreover, Admindek rocks all sorts of other goods as well. One of them is the hide/show navigation bar. This comes helpful when you need to study your statistics in great detail with as few distractions as possible. Many UI elements, animations, forms, tables and widgets are also part of the free download.

If not niche-oriented, all free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates come applicable to numerous websites and applications. Adminty is one more super versatile site canvas that will take your breath away with the number of features it rocks. With a solid admin that you can build with the out-of-this-world Adminty, you are on the right path to see your desired success. Having it all in total order is a must when running a business and bringing it to an entirely new level.

Gentelella is a responsive, flat and fully featured admin template. This neat site canvas is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework using modern techniques, like HTML5 and CSS3, for backend solutions of any size. This most advanced and well-designed free admin dashboard template can easily compete with any premium alternative. And once you introduce your creative touch to it, the options go over and beyond. Indeed, there is no need to stick to the default settings. Still, if you dig Gentellela as is, go full-tilt with the existing layout.

CoolAdmin is a modern and striking free Bootstrap admin dashboard template that you will be hooked by immediately. First, you need to move over to its live preview and then enjoy the magic of this spectacular tool. CoolAdmin is powered by Bootstrap 4 Framework which gives it complete flexibility. You can operate it from anywhere and everywhere, which is very convenient. In other words, CoolAdmin acclimatizes to all devices and web browsers for a consistently smooth and stable experience.

What is very intriguing about CoolAdmin are the four dashboard layouts. Predesigned tables, forms, buttons, badges, register, and login pages, you see, CoolAdmin is stuffed with traits. You can preview them all first and then take action and download CoolAdmin. For free! Make it yours and get your project rolling.

Concept is here to get you going solid if you are looking for a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, No need to look elsewhere and create an admin from the ground up. Once you utilize Concept, you get access to loads of material that will quickly start your project and move it forward sooner rather than later. Hence the name, Concept is a multi-concept tool for financial, sales, eCommerce, and influencer projects.

If you are looking for a high-quality free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, SRTDash is one of very many we have here for you. You will surely be amazed by all the stuff it comes with. Knowing that it is a Bootstrap template, SRTDash is flexible and mobile-ready to work fluidly on all devices.

Although a multi-purpose free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, Kiaalap is perfect for schools, colleges, and universities. The template is entirely mobile-ready and pliable to adjust to the device you are examining it from indeed. Whether a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, it is guaranteed that the admin panel based on Kiaalap will look stunningly all the time. You can choose between three styles of homes and more than fifty pages. What you see, you can use as-is, or you can enhance and adjust to your desire.

While most free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates rock a full-width layout, some have a boxed style exclusively. If this is the type you fancy, Notika is the one you should go with. Of course, other tools offer both, a wide and a boxed version. Pick accordingly and have the ideal admin dashboard set up in a breeze.

For those whose dark layouts are your cup of tea, Nalika is the one to settle on. It comes with a stunning and eye-catchy web design that is minimal and sophisticated. This is exactly what you need for the ideal free Bootstrap admin dashboard template. Since you know it is based on the popular grid framework, you know it rocks a fluid layout that adjusts to all devices instantly. But this is just the beginning of the outstanding Nalika.

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