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SYNQ AUDIO RESEARCH CLS-215B Operation Manual 11 Pages

SYNQ AUDIO RESEARCH CLS-215B Operation Manual 11 Pages

The SYNQ AUDIO RESEARCH CLS-215B is a high power double 15 subwoofer with a very compact design. It can be used for both fixed installations and mobile applications. The horn loaded design guarantees a nice, punchy bass reproduction. It is perfect for clubs, discotheques, stage, rental, Pro-DJ, and more.

The CLS-215B has a very strong plywood enclosure with durable, scratch resistant painting, metal handles, heavy duty rubber feet, steel front grill, and fixing points on the back panel for optional wheels. It is equipped with two high power 15" woofers with ALU basket. It is a perfect match with four CLS-8 mid/high cabinets.

SYNQ AUDIO RESEARCH CLS-215B Operation Manual 11 Pages

The operation manual of the CLS-215B is available in six languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. It covers the following topics:

  • Safety precautions: The manual warns about the potential hazards of using the subwoofer, such as hearing damage, electric shock, fire, and damage to the device. It also provides some tips on how to use the subwoofer safely and properly.

  • Maintenance: The manual explains how to clean and store the subwoofer, and how to troubleshoot some common problems.

  • Specifications: The manual lists the technical specifications of the subwoofer, such as frequency response, sensitivity, impedance, power handling, dimensions, weight, and connectors.

  • Connections: The manual shows how to connect the subwoofer to a power amplifier and to other speakers using Speakon connectors. It also provides some wiring diagrams for different configurations.

The operation manual of the CLS-215B can be downloaded from the official website of SYNQ AUDIO RESEARCH or from other online sources . It is a PDF file with 11 pages and a file size of 1.4 MB. It is recommended to read the manual carefully before using the subwoofer to ensure optimal performance and safety.


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